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Automatic laminating machine JTT-1000

Category: Automatic laminating machine Product description: JTT-1000 fully automatic laminating machine is specially upgraded for camera assembly based on JTT-900. This equipment is mainly suitable for sensor, cover and vcm mounting processes on camera modules. Linear motor Deceptive, 10-megapixel industrial camera photo positioning, independent software system control. High accuracy, fast speed, high yield, is the first domestic equipment integrator that can meet the process.
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Automatic laminating machine JTT-1000Automatic laminating machine JTT-1000


Marble working platform, machine working environment is stable;
The core components are driven by linear motors with accelerations up to 2G, and can be precisely positioned with industrial cameras to meet high-precision bonding requirements;
Under the VisionPro environment, perform autonomous secondary idle sending, and quickly process template matching;
Equipped with the world's leading dispensing system, independently developed automatic needle detection, lack of glue, broken glue inspection function;
Custom composite light source to meet the lighting needs of different products to the maximum;
Automatic loading and unloading and double-head dispensing to ensure continuous, stable and efficient production;
Modular design, convenient for machine maintenance and rapid processing of machine alarms;
The device has a reserved communication interface, which can be used with conventional MES systems;
The environment of the machine can reach 100 levels of purification effect.

Automatic laminating machine JTT-1000Automatic laminating machine JTT-1000

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