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Ultrasonic fingerprint module

Category: Ultrasonic fingerprint module Product description: This device is a production device that establishes a stable mechanical and electrical connection between FPC (flexible circuit board) and Sensor / LCD and fingerprint module. It is widely used in the field of mobile phone display screen and fingerprint module production. This device is suitable for 5.5-inch FPC bonding of Sensor / LCD and fingerprint module.
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Ultrasonic fingerprint moduleUltrasonic fingerprint module

Automatically carry out the entire process of LCD moving, calibration, EC wiping and Plasma, ACF attachment, FPC preloading, FPC local pressure, AOI deviation detection alarm throwing, front and back dispensing curing, automatic loading and unloading, only one person needs to perform the operation , No experience requirements for operators when working independently;
High binding efficiency: 4 to 4.5s / pcs, saving manpower;
High yield, independent environmental operation throughout the production process, high degree of automation, and no human contact during the process;
Good stability: The whole machine adopts the most advanced domestic design concept, the key parts are imported from Japan, South Korea and Taiwan, and the components pass the rigorous testing process to ensure the overall stability and good service life of the product.

Ultrasonic fingerprint moduleUltrasonic fingerprint module

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